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January 22, 2018

In a recent survey, 100% of respondents would recommend a Blackstone webinar.

"This was an excellent session!!" 

DC, Sr. Prgram Officer, Aboriginal Affairs Northern Development 

"I was very impressed.” 

CS, Regional Manager, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

"The six individuals that attended found it extremely worthwhile." 

DG, Canada Revenue Agency

"Highly Recommended"

SB, Government of Newfoundland 

“Our Director just took the webinar and was so thrilled she wants her managers to take the course.” 

GC, Environment Canada 

 "The team found it very useful. First time we’ve taken a webinar with this organization. Very impressed." JW 

"The course was very good.  Thanks so much." NP, Environmental Commission of Ontario 

  "Our group found the webinar really useful.  We will adopt changes and recommend the webinar to other departments." 

PC, Ontario Energy Board

"Your courses come very highly recommended"

 CH, Public Sector Training Consultant

I have taken many of your courses and found them very helpful.  I will recommend them.

Dr. JH, Goverment of BC

"It was my first webinar and it was excellent.  It exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed it immensly.  Tremendous value."

JG, Strathcona County 

"What an excellent session.  I found the government perspective excellent. The entire course was very useful to me. This workshop was amazing!" JW   

"Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation. Excellent and effective presenters are a rarity." LMP

“Thank you.  Great Session.” 

TT, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

“We have had a tremendous response to this webinar.” 

SP, Learning Facilitator, HorizonNB

 "Very good seminar.  I especially like the templates provided." 

MZ, Ministry of Citizens' Services, BC

"Our group was impressed by the webinar. Thank you."

NR, Senior Engineer, Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (Sask) 

"Thank you for the great training session.” 

ES, Communications Coordinator, Industry Canada

“Great webinar – very informative and practical." AY 

"Excellent session. It was time well spent.” BR  

"The six individuals that attended found it extremely worthwhile." 

DG, Canada Revenue Agency

"I found it very helpful."

RQ, Department of Justice Canada  

"I really enjoyed the webinar. I found it very useful."

KB, Brazeau County

"Excellent webinar."

KA, Department of Canadian Heritage

“I really enjoyed the training session; it was very helpful." 

  LC, Canada Revenue Agency 

“I’ve attended several of the webinars and found them very useful. I look forward to attending others."

BM, Pres. & CEO, NS Gaming Commission

“The webinar was very helpful.  Thank you very much." 

CS, Government of Nova Scotia 

“Thank you so much.  I found the webinar very informative and most importantly -- useful!!" 

RB, Department of Fisheries and Oceans


Distance Interactive Learning is emerging as the new and preferred method of professional development.  According to training experts, the time required to achieve learning goals through online training is approximately 40% of the time needed by an equivalent classroom training session.  

Training webinars are environmentally friendly, extremely convenient and highly cost-efficient.  This effective use of technology will allow you to receive training in your field at your desk or boardroom while interacting with highly-experienced public sector trainers and participants from across Canada.

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