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Blackstone Professional Development Group understands the Canadian non-profit sector.  We can help you customize a  training workshop for your organization -- large or small. We can tailor our generic workshop or customize a new unique session to meet your needs and expectations. Quite simply, working with Canadian non-profits is our specialty.

Our staff is uniquely experienced in providing sophisticated, customized solutions for our not-for-profit clients.  Customized case studies, along with targeted exercises, allow us to deliver highly-appropriate content and the most positive impact for your training budget.

Blackstone faculty members are known for their expertise and knowledge of the Canadian not-for-profit sector.. We always create customized training solutions that feature leading experts in specific knowledge areas. 

At the same time, we can expand or revise content to address your organizational needs.  Program length, your employees' learning level and your teaching objectives all help define our customizing techniques. Each customized program is completely unique and strictly confidential. 

We strongly believe our proven methodology for creating  clear, structured and highly-focused workshops will greatly benefit your organization.


NOTE: Blackstone is transitioning its professional development expertise to focus exclusively on the public sector in Canada.





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