• What is a Blackstone Virtual Course?

    A virtual course is simply a course that is conducted online.  Participants can join from multiple locations at work or home across Canada. Many of our courses are offered on-demand.  The can be viewed multiple times at leisure.

  • What equipment do I need?

A computer with speakers and an internet connection.

  • How does it work?

After you register for the course, you will receive simple log-in instructions.  On the day of the course, simply click on the links provided.  For on-demand courses, a  recording link is sent.  The link is active for four months for multiple viewings.

  • Why did Blackstone introduce virtual courses?

Virtual courses offer the convenience of training from any location. Training and travelling costs are significantly lower.  Online training is hassle-free. It allows you to manage your time more efficiently and effectively.

  • I want to have several people attend the course. Do I have to pay for each participant?

We provide highly cost-effective rates for groups which is posted on our registration page. The group rate applies to a maximum of six participants while additional ones can join for half the individual cost.  We offer further discounts for larger groups of 15 or more.  Those who can't attend on the specified date can arrange to attend on another course date.

Can we have a course delivered for our group only?

 Absolutely.  We offer customized training courses which target your needs.

  • What is the feedback on your virtual courses?

Over 20,000 very satisfied public sector employyes attended our courses and we have had 24 complaints (although we try hard, the saying: 'you can't please everyone' applies here)..

What is the on-demand option?

The on-demand format involves accessing the course unlimited times at leisure without having to attend a live session.  Most prefer this method as it offers extreme flexibility, multiple content review opportunites, while question can be sent via email. 

What is a Blackstone hybrid format? 

Our unique hybrid approach involves a combination of live and pre-recorded content which is necessary in an open registration course with multiple participants from numerous organizations.  This approach ensures students receive the sufficient amount of content without interruption for the maximum benefit of participants.
Will government firewalls impact my attendance?

Blackstone online courses have been attended by countless government employees.  Firewalls do not affect your participation.

What is the Individual Five Year Training Pass? How Do I Register?

The Individual Five-Year Training Pass grants access to all courses as well as any new courses over five years for a one-time payment.  The pass can be transferred once an emplyee leaves the organization or taken with the pass holder to a new workplace.  To register, simply call us with credit card info as all paperwork is completed internally.  Thousands of public sector staff have taken advantage of this extremely cost-effective offer.

  • Will I need to download any software?

No. The entire presentation can be viewed without any downloads.