Blackstone training is conducted by specialists and leading experts.


Blackstone Professional Development Group, a division of Blackstone Learning Solutions, is Canada's leading provider of online training for public sector employees. Participants from across Canada including Directors, Managers, Analysts, Officers, Administrative Professionals and many more have benefited greatly from Blackstone training.  In fact, every federal department, all provincial governments and countless municipalities and crown agencies have participated in a Blackstone virtual training course.  During fiscally difficult times, our online training has served the public sector well.

Blackstone education is led by Canada's best trainers -- specialists and experts in their fields.  We set the standard in training excellence  Our trainers often teach in public administration programs in universities across Canada.  Many are retired senior public servants or former trainers with the public service.

Our courses always receive high marks from attendees for both their useful and informative content. Developed and delivered by highly-experienced instructors, our courses address the public sector's most pressing issues without leaving your office. The constant change in the current environment along with a strong understanding of government drive the planning and development of each and every Blackstone session. As a result, our clients keep coming back.

At Blackstone, we are committed to excellence in every aspect of our programming including content, delivery and service.  Our team of experienced course developers offer a winning combination of strong topic knowledge, established relationships with leading experts and training know-how.  At the same time, we are leaders in monitoring and researching emerging issues.  As a result, we are the fastest growing professional development company in Canada. 

Attending a Blackstone virtual course is simple -- all you need is an internet connection.  Any group size can be accommodated (group rates are extremely cost-effective).  Our virtual courses are a highly-practical method of training delivery for public servants across Canada.  We hope you will join us as we look forward to assisting you in your career and professional development planning in the public sector.